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CruiseLink Overview

MSC is pleased to introduce ISS GMT Global Marine Travel, as our preferred provider of travel.

Book directly with ISS GMT Global Marine Travel and choose the best choice for your clients whether it is dynamic air pricing or best available air/sea contract rates.

Gain access to ISS Global Marine's
Excellent Airfares and start Earning Commission today!

Simply, register on CruiseLink. CruiseLink allows travel agencies to establish a business-to-business relationship directly with ISS GMT in order to compare and confirm both contract and published fares for their FIT clients 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week. You are also able to establish your own booking service charge with the potential to boost your revenue as well as round-the-clock emergency support for clients in transit. To learn more REGISTER NOW

CruiseLink Benefits:

  • Easy Registration- The registration process is quick, allowing you access to the platform after completing a simple sign-up and verification process
  • Book & Pay Online 24/7- instant (real time) airfare information and service
  • Book Available Rate - Systems allows simultaneously viewing of both contract and published fares
  • Ability To Charge Fees - agents can establish their own service charge
  • Eliminates Cruise Line Deviation Fees- charges for customized air outside scope of an air/sea program wouldn't be incurred
  • Oversight On Flight Parameters - ensures flight schedule is in sync with ship's departures/arrivals
  • Round The Clock Emergency Support For Guests In Transit

Note for groups– Please contact MSC Cruise group department directly if your group requires more then ten seats from any one gateway on a specific cruise. Any other requests for air from individuals traveling within a group can be accommodated by ISS GMT Global Marine Travel.
Note for MSC Yacht Club guests – Most rates are inclusive of air booked via MSC Cruises. MSC Cruises will handle requests for any arrangements If there are special requests for deviations or North American gateways outside of air inclusive programs. Contact MSC Yacht Club at 1.800.666.9333

CruiseLink Service Information

Online Bookings - 24/7

Exceptions: Monday - Friday: If same day departure and the departure time is before 12N EST, booking is not permitted. Saturday and Sunday: If same day departure, booking is not permitted.

Online Purchases (Payment) - 24/7 

Exceptions: If today is the last date to purchase
Monday - Friday: Online purchases are permitted until 8pm EST. Saturday & Sunday Online purchases are permitted until 6pm EST.

Hours Of Operation:

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm EST
Saturday and Sunday Closed
Administration/ Group Department
Monday - Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm EST
Saturday and Sunday Closed

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